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2nd Asia Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Expo (AAPS)

 2nd Asia Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Expo (AAPS)
EVENT NAME  2nd Asia Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Expo (AAPS)
WorldEx Trade Media Sdn Bhd
DATE 27 - 29 OCTOBER 2017
10PM - 9PM
VENUE Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
LOCATION Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About The Event

Asia Leading Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Expo and Conference (AAPS) is an annual event and it's the largest in the South East Asia Region that brings together more than 100 exhibit companies and over 3000 visitors and buyers to penetrate the potential of the plastic surgery market in Malaysia.
AAPS 2017 presents a unique platform for marketing, networking opportunities and education for plastic surgery doctor, supplier, agent, clinic and buyer from local and overseas namely Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, U.S., and India.

Market Facts

Plastic Surgery Is Hot In Asia
One in five South Korean women from 19-49 year-old have undergone cosmetic surgery, according to a 2014, survey from market research firm, Trend Monitor. That's reportedly compared to about one in twenty in the United States. United States and Brazil are the top two countries in sheer numbers of plastic surgeries performed, China and Japan are number three and four according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. South Korea, with a population of almost 49 million, is ranked seventh.
Malaysians Are Pretty Much Going In For That Perfect Cut
Cosmetics Procedures are becoming more popular among Malaysians who want to maintain their youthful looks or be more attractive, with the number of aesthetic clinics in the country increasing at least seven-fold in the past 10 years.
Among Popular procedures that Malaysians go for are injecting Botulinum Toxic, Fillers and Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) into their faces and body parts to enhance their features or improve their body shape, and laser treatment to lighten dark spots.
Plastic Surgery Industry Is Rapidly Growing Lucrative Business In Malaysia
Today, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are one of the fastest growing industries in Malaysia. According to the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), the billion dollar industry is growing by 15% annually. The cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine industry is growing in Malaysia due to increase public awareness of such treatments, said Federation of Private Medical Practitioner's Malaysia president Dr. Steven Chow. He also said this growth was reflective of the higher number of plastic surgeons being trained, coupled with the Government's efforts to promote health tourism. 
Malaysia Could See Increase In Number Of Dental Tourists 
The goal of the Malaysian government is to lure more dental tourists to the country, and the government feels that making these changes could accomplish that. If this amendment takes effect, it will present Malaysian dentists with the opportunity to advertise their dental services to potential clients around the world. The health minister in Malaysia, believes there is an opportunity for growth in this area. His reasoning is that many people around the world are leaving their home country to receive dental work. Dental tourism, like other areas of medical tourism, is becoming an increasing phenomenon. There are already Asian countries that attract dental tourists from Australia and New Zealand. Malaysia hopes to do the same. 
Dental Equipment Demands High In Malaysia 
The market size for dental equipment is over USD 400 million. There are a number of distributors selling dental equipment, instruments and supplies. Medical devices and supplies are mainly imported and 90% of the high quality equipment is imported from abroad. Main exporters to Malaysia are the U.S. and Japan, followed by Germany. Possibly the easiest market for Finnish dental companies entering the Asian markets for the first time. Low registration barriers for medical device imports from Europe and US.

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