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Close Global Gold Supplier Package Malaysia

Gain access to millions of business buyers
Global Gold Supplier Package
alibaba means Business is the world's largest business-to-business ecommerce marketplace. We provide the tools & services to help you expand into new markets and connect with business buyers all around the world.

Become's Gold Supplier With NEWPAGES

Gold Supplier is's highest and more premium level membership that helps maximize your company exposure and business opportunities.

Partner with the experts in B2B

Join the platform that was built for business from the start, and understands how to help you succeed in the B2B market. Unlike other platforms, lets you to do business your way, own your data, and own your customer relationships.

  • customers get common B2B functions,like price negotiations, flexible pricing, and direct communication with leads
  • Earn more -'s take rate is lower than industry standard - as low as zero percent in US market
Access a global customer base

Grow your business by becoming a seller on the site with one of the largest pool of potential B2B customers. When business buyers need to source products from nearly any country, they go to

Increase your leads & conversions

Target the right customers with tools that will bring them to you, then manage and convert your leads through our message center with real-time translations. Access sophisticated dashboards that measure exposure, click volume, store visits, and more.

  • Increase your exposure by up to 120% with search marketing, and only pay per click *
  • Use the all-in-one client management system to keep track of leads and reach out to customers
  • Get more exposure by participating in sales, promotions, and product showcases
Build your online presence

Set up shop on the platform that gives every business, big or small, an opportunity to showcase their brand. Your unique digital identity will help you stand out and display your goods on's massive global search engine.

  • Create an online storefront for your brand; no coding necessary
  • Display pictures, videos, certifications, and your top selling points
  • Put your entire catalog online with bulk upload functionality
Increase your leads & conversions

Connect with local customer service that's there when you need it, and take advantage of business services from and our partners.

  • Get 24/7 digital support and customer service during business hours
  • Opt into services that do the work for you, including website design, optimized product posts, and personalized keyword recommendations
  • Learn from the pros with tutorials, articles &tips from experts

Frequently Asked Questions?

What buyers can I reach on buyers are small and medium-sized businesses from over 190+ countries and regions. They source from over 40 different categories, including Agriculture, Beauty & Personal Care, Electrical, Health & Medical, Sports & Entertainment, Machinery, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Home & Garden, to name a few.

Is there a way to advertise on

Yes. Gold and Gold Plus members can increase visibility of their product listings through Keyword Advertising. This lets your product listing appear higher in the search results.

Is my business a good fit for

Businesses that meet the following criteria tend to perform best on

  • Sell 10+ products
  • Have 2+ employees
  • Have U.S. $500,000+ annual revenue
  • Some export experience is a plus
What buyers can I reach on

Yes. Both our paid membership packages offer support in setting up your business. In addition to our onboarding solutions such as bulk product upload and a customizable online storefront, both packages include design and setup of online store, initial product uploading, and email support. Additionally, both packages also include keyword presetting for advertising. The premium membership includes dedicated phone and email support from a local account manager.

Our Trusted Logistics Partners

We recommend A&G Freight Services Sdn Bhd and Transvalasia logistics partners for your global trade services.
Call them today, they are ready to answer!

A&GFreight Services Sdn Bhd
A&G Freight Services Sdn Bhd

A&G Freight Services Sdn Bhd provides multi modal shipping and transportation, which is compliance with requirement of delivery time and reduce logistics cost. Our main office is located in Masai, Johor Bahru (JB).

Amanda Goh
+6019-930 8838

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At Transvalair, our Worldwide Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions mean that your goods are in safe hands. We go the extra mile to deliver your cargo safely and on time to almost anywhere in the world.

Sajith Damodaran
+6016-715 4513

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