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Lovelife Wellness Sdn. Bhd.
Lovelife Wellness Sdn. Bhd. 1337301-X

Lovelife Wellness Sdn. Bhd.

Lovelife Wellness Sdn. Bhd.

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量子 (Quantum) 是一种物理学概念,是科学家解释物质在微观世界里波粒两重性时,用以表达物质粒子最小计量单位。量子是一个物理量存在最小的不可分割的基本单位,是一种存在状态,而不是存在本身。
而量子电动力学的基础正是电磁幅射 (又叫电磁波),本身就是由能量量子组成的,称作光量子 (以下称为光子)。

1. 微粒子特性:量子的大小比原子核的核外电子还小,是比纳米更小的微粒,因此透性极高,能够进入人体细胞。
2. 高频能量波特性:量子能产生每秒高达上亿次的振动,形成高频能量波。它可以与人体细胞的磁场能量波形成共振和传导,像用超声波清洁牙齿一样,震荡剥离细胞上的污垢。它可以纠正细胞的混乱磁场波动修复受损细胞补充细胞能量提高生命力。量子也存在于我们每一个细胞每一个分子细胞都叠加着一个量子细胞!量子细胞也可理解为包围着分子细胞的能量场。

Quantum is a physical concept used by scientists to express the smallest unit of measurement of subatomic particles when explaining the duality of particles and waves in the microscopic world. Quantum is the smallest indivisible basic unit of the existence of a physical quantity, a state of existence, rather than existence itself. The basis of quantum electrodynamics is electromagnetic radiation (also called electromagnetic waves), which is composed of energy quanta, called light quanta (hereinafter referred to as photons).

Quantum is a type of particle with discontinuous motion energy waves, possessing two main characteristics:
1. Characteristics of microparticles: The size of a quantum is smaller than the extranuclear electrons of an atomic nucleus, making it a particle smaller than a nanometer, resulting in high permeability that allows it to enter human cells.
2. Characteristics of high-frequency energy waves: Quantum energy can generate vibrations up to hundreds of millions of times per second, forming high-frequency energy waves. It can resonate and conduct with the magnetic field energy waves of human cells, similar to using ultrasonic waves to clean teeth, oscillating and peeling off dirt from the cells. It can also correct the chaotic magnetic field fluctuations of our cells, repair damaged cells, replenish cell energy, and improve body vitality. Quantum exists in each of our cells, and every molecular cell is superimposed on a quantum cell. Quantum cells can be understood as the energy fields surrounding molecular cells.


由于量子的共振特性,通过量子能量与身体产生共振就可以达到治疗、保健的效果。量子医学治疗时不针对于局部,而是作用于整体。你可能是因为血压高进行治疗,可是最后发现糖尿病、妇科病等各种疾病也有好转甚至痊愈。量子医学所采用的顺势疗法与传统西方医学有显著的差异,它是通过采用量子能量波激发人体自愈系统,以及身体的自我修复功能,达到快速、安全、自然、温和的根治疾病、逆转衰老,对身体没有任何的伤害。世间所有物质是由分子和原子组成的,都有个性化的磁场,并蕴含着能量。能量的大小是以量子来衡量的。细胞是身体的基本单位,亦由分子和原子组成。细胞的功能的正常与否与组成其的分子、原子的磁场能量状态是否和谐有关。当细胞磁场紊乱时,会导致能量场降低,细胞功能即有所下降,形成所谓的亚健康,表现可能为头晕、乏力、精神不振、食欲不佳等。当细胞磁场有明显紊乱状态时 (能量明显不和谐),细胞功能严重受损、异化而呈现病理状态,出现一般西医医院可检测出的症状,如糖尿病 (胰腺细胞功能紊乱)、癌症 (细胞异化增殖) 等。我们身体本身就是一个高能量的发射器和接收体,可以接收大自然和生物之间的信息,皮肤表面的微神经感应系统就像是一座生物雷达传送和接受 "能量",所以通过量子能量与身体产生共振,是可以调整细胞磁场紊乱,提升身体健康。

Due to the resonance characteristics of quantum, the effects of treatment and healthcare can be achieved through the resonance of quantum energy with our body. Quantum medical treatment does not target the local part but acts overall. Some may use it to treat high blood pressure but end up experiencing improvements or even cures for various diseases such as diabetes and gynecological conditions. The "Homeopathy" used in quantum medicine is significantly different from Traditional Western Medicine. It utilizes quantum energy waves to stimulate the body's self-healing system, achieving fast, safe, natural, and gentle cures for diseases and reversing aging without harming the body. All substances in this world are composed of molecules and atoms, each having its own magnetic field and containing energy. The magnitude of energy is measured in quanta. Cells are the basic units of our body, made up of molecules and atoms. A normally functioning cell is related to the harmonious magnetic field of its molecules and atoms. When the cellular magnetic field is disordered, the energy field and the cell's function will be lowered, resulting in "Sub-health" conditions such as dizziness, fatigue, lack of energy, and poor appetite. When the magnetic field of the cells is obviously disordered, the cell functions will be damaged and dysregulated. Pathological symptoms such as diabetes (pancreatic cell dysfunction) and cancer (cell proliferation) can be detected by Western medicine hospitals. Our body is a high-energy transmitter and receiver, capable of receiving messages between nature and living things. The micro neural sensing system on the skin surface acts like a biological radar to transmit and receive "energy." Therefore, it can resonate with quantum energy to adjust cellular magnetic field disturbances and improve physical health.

Main Office

Lovelife Wellness Sdn. Bhd. (1337301-X)
25-3, Jalan Residence 1, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.



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