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Felicity Postpartum Care Sdn Bhd
Felicity Postpartum Care Sdn Bhd 1336469-U
Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday Closed
We′re closed on Public Holiday
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Felicity Postpartum Care Sdn Bhd - Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, we are committed to offer the best confinement service along with reasonable price to customer.

Felicity Postpartum Care Sdn Bhd

Felicity Postpartum Care Sdn Bhd

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Felicity Postpartum Care Sdn Bhd applies the management and health care concept and forms the top international postpartum care center by introducing the top medical care and service standard to each client for them to enjoy a safe and professional postpartum care.

Here, we provide a one-stop postpartum care service, to make sure you can have the perfect service in this period. We also provide professional maternal and childcare class for you to gain professional knowledge and to help you become a better mother.

Background story
Due to our founder who is a mother of two children, making Felicity Postpartum Care has the knowledge on what does a mother want during their postpartum period. As our founder had experienced the joy, fear, pain and uncertainty during the pregnancy period that most of the women will have.

Due to the frequently business trip of her husband, the incomprehension of friends and family and the seriously out of shape during her pregnancy of their first baby, making our founder uncertain about herself and her marriage. The lack of postpartum care she faced during her postpartum period has causing her to suffer such as migraine, anaemia, lower back pain and etc.

Because of the pain that she suffered, our founder has realized the importance of postpartum care for women. To help the mothers avoid and reduce the trouble that came across the postpartum period, our founder is determined to understand more about the knowledge during the pregnancy period. She even went oversea to study about the maternal and childcare, the traditional Chinese medicine way of galactagogue and the postpartum recovery to let the mothers can gain confident after giving birth. Our founder also studies and discuss with psychological experts about the depression that pregnant mothers suffer.

After giving birth to her second child, our founder had practiced the scientific way of postpartum confinement to help her recover and gain confident from it.

The instability of the emotional and the change of the physical has caused every pregnant mother to become insecure. The understanding and support from their family and friends are important to them.

Please take good care of the woman who is willing to endure all pains and give the best to her, as the pain that she suffers is incomparable.

Felicity emphasized the core value of ‘caring for every mother’ by providing a professional, safe and taking great care to each mother and their baby.

Brand Goal
- To become the most professional and influential top postpartum care brand in Malaysia
- To provide safe, delicate, professional and considerate management services for millions of mothers and babies.

Competitive core
- Felicity has always been adhering to the quality of service to bring the best customer experience
- Felicity has always followed the principle of “green and luxury” to provide a holiday experience for every mother.

• Provide professional health care specialist
- Full-time paediatrician, nurse and health care team to provide each mother and baby the most professional nursing services.

Quality & Safety
- Apply the proportion model of domestic nursing personnel to provide a more intimate service
- Provide the best environment, health care and service compare to other private postpartum care hospitals who focus on medical treatment
- Our management team help to protect the privacy of customer

Best recovery treatment- customized and scientific solution
- Own commercial kitchen to ensure hygiene and quality control
- Professional Chinese medicine doctors, nutritionists and chefs to customized healthy diet
- Own postpartum recovery centre to assist each mother in their recovery

Best customer experience as the service goal
- Provide customized one-stop postpartum care service
- Create a high-end maternal and child social circle with professional and meticulous service level

Strengthen internal management and training
- Only recruit staff that is caring and provide the best service
- All staff regularly attend course and training to improve the service
- Being professional in the maternal and child industry around country to provide the best service
Main Office

Felicity Postpartum Care Sdn Bhd (1336469-U)
2, Jalan Awan Cina, Taman Yari, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



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