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HHM Machinery & Instruments Sdn Bhd
HHM Machinery & Instruments Sdn Bhd 1118704-A
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Selangor,Kuala Lumpur (KL),Kepong - EINHELL Battery and Charger Power-X Change 18V 1.5 AH Starter Kit


EINHELL Battery and Charger Power-X-Change 18 V Starter-Kit

System fast charger for all Power-XChange batteries.

Features – Charger

1. 6-steps charging condition display
2. Ready for wall-fastening
3. With intelligent charging-management-system for long battery life (battery status will be constantly checked and accordant loaded, deeply discharge battery will be charged in repair mode)

System battery for all products of the Power-X-Change Family.

Features – Battery

1. 7-in-1 ABS: Active Battery Management System from Einhell
2. 3-steps LED battery control
3. Modern technology: Microprocessor controls permanently key parameters like temperature, voltage
4. Deeply discharged battery will be charged in repair mode and thus long life is guaranteed
5. High quality Li-Ion battery cells provides nearly no selfdischarge
6. Charging anytime
7. Rubber-coated housing makes sure a high impact protection and a high grip
8. Recessed grip ensures high ergonomic handling for the removal

power tools

Technical Specification – Charger:

Mains 200 – 260 V ~ 50 – 60 Hz
Output Voltage 21 V
Charging time 30 min (1.5 Ah battery)
60 min (3.0 Ah battery)
130 min (5.2 Ah battery)
Product weight 0.5 kg

Technical Specification – Battery:

Battery type Li-Ion
Voltage supply 18 Volt d.c.
Battery capacity 1,500 mAh
Product weight 0.4 kg

Power X-Change: Batteries Swap Partners

Power X-Change is the new rechargeable battery system from Einhell. It is designed for multifunctionality and interoperability, and it saves you money. So what exactly is it? With this advanced technology, you can use 18V rechargeable batteries with five different capacity ratings to power more than 20 different tools.

These rechargeable batteries are state-of-the-art, and they pack plenty of power. You can also buy just the bare tools without a battery and charger. You don’t need to buy a new charger and battery every time you purchase a tool. You save money and protect the environment.

Most people have a drawer full of different chargers for cell phones, cordless drills, tablets, notebooks, etc. It is madness to waste so much of the earth’s resources this way, and with so many chargers plugged in it is sometimes difficult to find a free socket outlet. Depending on the application, you can use batteries with capacities between 1.5 Ah and 5.2 Ah in combination.

The advantages of cordless technology are obvious. Once you start using these products, you wonder why you ever put up with long tangled cables. For high-power equipment such as cordless lawn mowers, you can use two batteries together to generate 36V output.

You don’t need to buy expensive 36V rechargeable batteries that are only compatible with a particular product. You can use the same batteries in the mower that you use for your cordless screwdriver, universal saw or grass trimmer. Although cordless tools are battery powered, they deliver the same performance as mains-powered tools, and that is crucial.

Performance obviously depends on the quality of the battery cells and the charger technology. Only top-quality lithium-ion cells made by brand-name manufacturers are used for Power X-Change series products. The cells are monitored individually during the charging sequence under microprocessor control to ensure an optimal charge. The integrated LEDs indicate the charge status prior to and during use. This avoids unpleasant surprises resulting from batteries that are only half charged. Also, lithium-ion batteries are not susceptible to self-discharge and the well-known memory effect.

The batteries are protected from overload during operation. This significantly extends the time between charging and the life of the batteries. After all, it is our corporate vision to develop environmentally friendly products. A rubberized exterior and rugged case protect the batteries from impact and shock, making them suitable for rough conditions.

7-in-1 ABS: The full charge for optimum work!

The Active Battery Management System by Einhell.

1 Modern technology for the best battery protection
Microprocessor technology provides effective protection against overloading and overheating.

2 Intelligent charging for maximum durability
Intelligent charging allows starting a charging process irrespective of the battery ́s charge level.

3 Individual control for full power
Smart control system controls each battery cell individually, ensuring that each cell is fully charged.

4 3-step indicator for a permanent overview
The 3-step LED indicator indicates not only the battery charge but also extreme temperature conditions.

5 Lithium-ion technology against self-discharge

6 Highest quality for the most exacting requirements
Only high-grade top-brand battery cells are used as Power X-Change batteries from Einhell.

7 Impact-protected just in case
The Power X-Change battery has a triple shell fully rubbe-sized design for optimum protection against damage.

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HHM Machinery & Instruments Sdn Bhd (1118704-A)
34, Jalan KIP 1, Taman Perindustrian KIP, 52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



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