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MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd
MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd 1043455-P
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Hyper Focus Digital Zoom Microscope

Motic EasyZoom is a digital zoom microscope camera that allows users to capture high-quality images and videos of specimens with ease. It features a compact design and a range of adjustable magnification levels for versatile imaging capabilities. EasyZoom also includes software for image capture, processing, measurement, and analysis. The software offers an intuitive user interface and supports various image file formats. With Motic EasyZoom, users can easily document and share their observations in a variety of fields such as biology, geology, and materials science.

Smart and Flexible Optical Solutions

Thanks to an advanced optical system developed in-house, the Motic EasyZoom series of hyper-focal digital microscope can easily capture high quality images to read more precise results than ever before.


Advance Integration All-in-One System

All observation, recording, measurement and reporting function have been integrated into one unit, making it one of the most versatile digital product in the market.

50x to 5800x Conversion with One Zoom Lens Body

The EasyZoom series adopts a new optical solution, which can realize the conversion from 50x to 5800x with only one zoom lens body. At the same time, the long working distance of collision samples is guaranteed to avoid. The long working distance and a wide range of switching magnifications can be finished in one lens body.

Hyper-Focal Observation with 3D Effects

The unique optical system allows EasyZoom to have 3 times more hyper depth than before, and coupled with the sophisticated digital imaging system, the hyper-focal problem that exists in traditional microscopes is no longer a trouble for our users. The convenient and fast 3D software can also quickly measure the length, width, height, volume and other three-dimensional data of the sample. Our users are no longer bound by cumbersome measurement steps.

Ultra-high Definition Pictures, Thanks to Self-Developed Optical Technology

Powerful multifunctional objectives and high precision digital technology combined with HDR image processing technology create a highly optimized observation system. By eliminating excessive reflected light, ultra-high-definition photos can be presented to the user with just one click.


Full Focus even at High Magnification

Advanced optical technology and precise Z-control make it no longer to achieve panoramic and deep observation at high magnifications. The unique image processing technology also escorts the stability of the depth of field synthesis. In the case of high magnifications, traditional microscopes are limited by the problem of depth of field, and often only a part of the sample can be seen, which increases the uncertainty of analysis results. Through the Z-axis step size up to 0.5um, and the self-developed image processing technology, EasyZoom perfectly fuses the clear parts of each focal depth, shielding the defocused light to the greatest extent. Even at high magnification, users can also get a clear picture.


EDF (Extended Depth-of-Field) Function – Accurate Construction of 3d Images

The EDF function can synthesize images of different focal lengths with the use of the motorized Z-axis module. Deeper samples can be fully focused and rapidly synthesized at high magnification.

Features of 3D Image Display: High and Low Points can be seen at a glance

After acquiring multiple images and converting them into 3D images, the images can be displayed in a 360° panoramic view. Different heights can be displayed in different colors.

10x the Depth-of-Field of Conventional Microscope can be Realized without Depth-of-Field Synthesis.

Traditional microscopes are ofthen unable to handle samples with large height drop. Reflection is also a problem. EasyZoom provides more than 10 times the real-time depth-of-field of traditional microscopes through unique HDR technology, making inspection tasks that used to be frustrating easy.

Case Display

Advanced, flexible, detailed analysis, exceptional durability, diverse and reliable accessories enable a wide range of aplications through Motic’s digital optics technology.

Low power to high power Zoomlens insingle test or observation can be widely used in semiconductor, automotive metal, chemical, material, electronic transmission and medical industries. Users can view quickly without extra work on the sample. Through direct observation of live demonstrations, discuss among people can be done cooperatively.

Users can Easily Achieve Panoramic Observation in Multi-Angles

Users can see where conventional microscopes cannot see without tilting the sample.



System Diagram

Technical Specifications
EasyZoom2/EasyZoom2PS Total magnification 25x ~ 200x
FOV 16.384mm ~ 2.048mm
Working distance 36mm
AMS function Active
EasyZoom5 Total magnification 50x ~ 5800x
FOV 8.284mm ~ 0.071mm
Working distance 5x objective lens 9.3mm;
20x/50x objective lens 10mm;
100x objective lens 3mm
AMS function Active
EasyZoom5S Total magnification 200x ~ 1160x
FOV 2.071mm ~ 0.357mm
Working distance 10mm
AMS function Active
High-performance Business Computer Intel i7 Processor
Solid State Drive SSD 256GB
Mechanical Hard Disk 1TB
27-inch 4K HD Screen
High Precision Frames Upper Z-axis travel distance (manual) 50mm
Top-Z resolution 1μm
Lower Z-axis travel distance (manual) 50mm
Ambient temperature 10°C to 40°C (no condensation)
Relative humidity Below 85% (no condensation)
Dimension (mm)/Weight 273(W) x 467.1(H) x 444(D) / 8kg
Swing Frame Upper Z-axis travel distance (manual) 50mm
Top-Z resolution 1μm
Lower Z-axis travel distance (manual) 50mm
Swing angle -60° ~ +40°
Ambient temperature 10°C to 40°C (no condensation)
Relative humidity Below 85% (no condensation)
Dimension (mm)/Weight 319.7(W) x 633(H) x 439(D) / 12kg
Motorized Z-axis Distance 30mm
Resolution 0.1μm
Repeatability 1μm
Dimension (mm)/Weight Module: 60(W) x 158(H) x 42(D) / 1.6kg
Electric Control Platform 2D image stitching
3D image stitching
Distance 100(X) x 100(Y) mm
Drive mode Electric
Size 8 inches
3D display function
3D contour correction function
Manual Control of the Platform Drive mode Manual
Size 4 inches
Distance 104(X) x 102(Y)mm
Lighting Source LED 5V1A bright LED
LED life More than 20000 hours
Color temperature 5650K
Observation Function Lighting switch function
Bottom lighting
Display Function Full screen function
Screen split function
Annotation display function
Picture Quality Improvement Function HDR function
Fine shooting function
Image Stitching Function 2D image stitching
3D image stitching
3D Stitching Function Fast compositing and 3D function
High-quality deep compositing
3D display function
3D shape correction function
Storage Function Report output (Excel)
2D image saving
3D image saving
Video recording playback function
Measurement Function Width, height difference, angle, etc
Plane height measurement
3D comparative measurement
Spherical angle measurement
Ruler display
Lens magnification automatic recognition function
Horizontal calibration function
Noise removal function
Automatic counting function
Automatic height measurement
CSV save
3D Measurement Function 3D profile measurement
Point height measurement
Line and surface roughness meassurement
Manual X,Y Measurement System Dynamic EDF
Practical Features Simple mode
Each user set value storage
Internet connection function
Feature guide
PC Software Communication software
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MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd (1043455-P)
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