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Notes for overhaul, repair and maintenance of air compressor


Air compressor repair and maintenance, overhaul the goal is to continuously improve and maintain the equipment maintenance level, in the most economic and reasonable life cycle cost and equipment to maintain good performance, ensure enterprise gas needs, improve the utilization rate, prolong the service life of air compressor, thus promoting enterprises to improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

Air compressor equipment maintenance mode

The classification of air compressor maintenance methods can be roughly divided into the following three categories:
1.1 Ex-post maintenance: After the failure of the maintenance is called ex-post maintenance. When the loss of production is small, only adjustment or replacement of wearing parts can be eliminated, this maintenance method is more economical.
1.2 Preventive maintenance: From the point of view of prevention, preventive maintenance and repair before failure are called preventive maintenance.
Preventive maintenance includes routine maintenance, equipment inspection, and preventive repair. Daily maintenance can prevent or delay the deterioration of air compressors. Regular or irregular inspection, monitoring, and diagnosis of construction machinery, timely detection of fault signs, and repair, to avoid the loss of sudden shutdown.
1.3 Improved maintenance: This method is based on the results of fault records and condition monitoring to repair the fault site and improve the equipment or local structure at the same time, aiming to overcome the innate deficiencies of equipment, improve equipment performance, reduce faults, but can not compensate for invisible wear of equipment.

The choice of air compressor equipment maintenance mode

The best maintenance method is achieving the best maintenance effect with the least cost.
If measured from the maintenance cost, shutdown loss, maintenance organization, and maintenance effect, each maintenance method has its advantages and disadvantages.
From the point of view of the fault development process, there are regular faults of wear type, that is, wear degree is related to time. Then there are occasional random failures, where the probability of failure is independent of time. These two kinds of faults include two kinds of faults with and without the development period.
1, regular and development period of failure, such as connector, tire wear failure. Because of its regularity, there are signs in the process of failure development, which can be predicted, observed, and recorded, so it is appropriate to use preventive maintenance. In addition, regular maintenance may also be used.
2, regular but no development period of the fault, such as fatigue fracture, electrical components damage, when appearing in key parts, the use of post maintenance is more economical.
3, episodic failure in the development period, more typical such as bearings, although a bearing failure is random, it has a development period, can detect the fault symptoms in time to repair or replace. If no matter the bearing status, it is not economical to replace it only according to the regulations.
The research results of a certain bearing show that the service life of each bearing is different. For the same batch of bearings, about 10% of them are damaged in a year, and about 90% of them are good, so it is better to use the state of maintenance.
For some parts, parts, and components that are easy to be replaced or repaired, ex-post maintenance can also be selected when the repair downtime is not long and the loss is not large.
4, episodic and no development period of failure, such as sudden rupture under impact load, electrical failure, because it is impossible to know that it will fail, only the use of post maintenance.
For non-key equipment of air compressor, the production stop has little impact on it, and it can be repaired urgently after the failure. As key equipment, the air compressor must set up spare parts if the sudden shutdown affects the production loss, and can be replaced or replaced immediately when the fault occurs until the fault is repaired.
5, improving maintenance, focusing on improving the performance of the original design of the mechanism, components, etc., it can be used at the same time with other maintenance methods, that is, in preventive maintenance or post-maintenance at the same time to eliminate faults and improve performance.
However, it is necessary to master the cause of the fault in advance and prepare to implement the fault shutdown or preventive maintenance.

The key points of air compressor equipment maintenance

1. Prepare realistic maintenance plans
To prepare the maintenance plan, it is necessary to master the production task, plan, equipment condition, parameters, maintenance cycle, maintenance operation time, and other information of the enterprise, and establish the equipment ledger.
2, determine the reasonable maintenance organization form
To ensure the normal operation of planned maintenance of air compressors, a maintenance organization must be established. The reasonable organization form should be determined according to the actual situation. When the number of air compressors is large, a special maintenance team can be set up to be fully responsible for the maintenance of air compressor equipment; When the number of air compressors is small, special/part-time personnel can be set up.
3, equipped with appropriate maintenance force
The maintenance force of air compressor equipment depends on the demand. Generally, three air compressors need full-time responsibility.
4. Adopt reasonable operation methods
At present, the commonly used air compressor maintenance and maintenance operation mode has two kinds of comprehensive maintenance mode and professional division of labor mode, which can be selected according to the actual situation.

The role of air compressor equipment overhaul, repair, and maintenance

Maintenance plays a very important role in air compressor management and enterprise benefits. It can be divided into the following points:

1. Ensure the normal operation of the air compressor
Any machine, even in normal use, can not always maintain normal working conditions. Due to the influence of internal and external factors, the parts are bound to undergo wear, corrosion, and other changes. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the equipment in the use process and repair the equipment when the equipment fails, to ensure the normal operation of the air compressor.
2. Extend the service life of the air compressor
Any machinery or equipment can run indefinitely, has the specified maintenance mark and maintenance cycle, after reaching repair standard must be repaired, the maintenance cycle must be the corresponding level of service, only through the repair and maintenance, the ability of air compressor to keep continue to work properly, to prolong the service life of air compressor.
3, reduce the use cost of air compressor
If an air compressor does not undergo any maintenance, it can only use a major repair interval at most, and can only reach 1/4 ~ 1/5 of the normal service life. But an air compressor overhaul cost only accounts for 10% ~ 30% of the original value of the new machine, and each overhaul can obtain 80% ~ 90% of the service life of the new machine.
If in the whole life process of overhaul four times, the required cost does not exceed the original value of the new machine and obtain the service life equivalent to more than three times the new machine, can reduce the cost of mechanical use fees, avoid the original value of equipment in 1/4 ~ 1/5 of the service life.
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