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Goldprint Enterprise Pte Ltd
Goldprint Enterprise Pte Ltd
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday - Sunday Closed
Open Closed

Goldprint Enterprise Pte Ltd - Singapore Rubber Stamps, Instant Hot-Stamping, Suber Stamp Making Equipment and Material Supplier.

Goldprint Enterprise Pte Ltd

Goldprint Enterprise Pte Ltd

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GOLDPRINT a well-established company registered since 1991.  Over the years, the founder of Goldprint, Mr Eric Chua, the president, continued to explore the process of making the fastest and best quality of rubber stamps. With his expertise and his team of competent staff and partners, he was able to introduce and simplify the process of making  quality rubber stamps.

Shortly after the establishment of GOLDPRINT, Mr Eric Chua explored the  advancement into a unique technology by using new ultraviolet exposure rubber stamp making machine.  This technology compared to the traditional way of making rubber stamps, was a real breakthrough to the stamp industry as it is “ hassle –free”, time-saving, at the same time a substantial amount of saving on the cost of the machines.

This unique fully computerize system was then introduced to clients in SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, CHINA, THAILAND, INDONESIA, INDIA and many others around the world.

The introduction of the Laser Engraving System in the year 2002 has set an innovation to the industry and this enable rubber stamp makers to churn out on the spot engraving of Embossing Seal and better quality of Laser rubber stamp, and the end user will also be amazed by the sharpness of the stamp impressions.

As for the Flash Stamp Machine, it started in the year of 1999 and was the most popular welcoming demand as it was able to produce a quality pre-ink stamp in a split second.  Consumers equipped with this technology was amazed with the speed and quality of the end result boosting efficiency and saving costs.

The company has expanded its operations and many more business partners from all over the world, these group of business partners  brought with them valuable years of experience and technical support. Together, they provide efficient service in distributing of raw materials and maintenance of the machines for their clients in their country of origin and thus establishing mutual business relationships.
As GOLDPRINT manufacturers its own machines, we are able to offer our customers at competitive rates to all potential buyers. Our staff are also able to respond to breakdown calls within a short period of time. Clients can also be spared the frustration of having to wait for the machine spare parts to be imported from overseas as the company is able to replace the faulty parts immediately. Additionally, we also provide long-period warranty for the machines so as to enable to give our customer the assurance of our quality of the machines.

In the States, GOLDPRINT is the first company in Asia to exhibit its machineries in Orlando in year 1999 at the Marking Device Show successfully. We had also participated in various exhibitions featuring the latest printing technology locally as well as in India, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai and Germany. Our machines have been serving private and public sectors in the South East Asian countries and this prove the popularity and convenience of using the technology to churn out rubberstamps.

Last but not least, the company is proud to announce that it had sold and provided set-up for more than 1 million sets of both ultraviolet exposure machines and flash stamp system to the clients all over the world and the figure is still ascending constantly. Our company is also looking into methods to improve on the design and function of its machine and is confident that there will be another breakthrough in the near future.

GOLDPRINT has constantly improved it services and has also extended our business selling “Large Format Printers, Laser Engravers and Vinyl Cutting Plotters etc.” into the Models manufacturing, Designer house, Printers and Signages industries.

In addition, GOLDPRINT has launched many other products, for example laminating machine, trimmer (paper-cutter), Instant printing equipments just to name a few.

GOLDPRINT is distinguished by its long history, relaible quality, good after-sales service and great variety of its products.  It has been continuously committed to provide services with the best expertise to its clients during the past 20 years. 

GOLDPRINT products have been sold around the world and widely accepted for their reasonable  price,  presitage quality and on-time delivery.
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Goldprint Enterprise Pte Ltd
20, Bukit Batok Crescent, #01-09/10 Singapore, 658080. (Enterprise Centre)


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