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Vox Motorsport
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eps.jpg alternator.jpg

Modern day cars are all dependent on electrical supply for the numerous electronic components such as ECU, spark plugs, radio, sensors, electronic throttle bodies, lights, rain sensors, cruise control, electric seats and etc. This puts more strain on the cars electrical system especially the battery and alternator.

The cars battery will be the main source of electrical power with the alternator providing the charging effect to enable the battery to supply regular electrical power the electrical components. With the escalating battery prices due to escalating raw material prices, vehicle owners will try to find ways to preserve their cars battery life.

Through the charging effect of the alternator the cars battery is only being charged when the car is driven. The alternator being engine driven usually robs the cars engine of at least 5% to 10% of power. This in turn increases fuel consumption and cuts the power of cars with small engine capacity.

The Power Charger is a revolutionary electrical booster than assist the battery and alternator by way of reducing the resistance between alternator and battery thus allowing the battery to be charged easily. This reduces the load on the alternator which in turn reduces the load on the engine thus freeing up the power for the engine. With more efficient battery charging, the battery life will be extended and the car will experience more performance efficiency as a whole.

Nissan Sentra 1.6
Installation Points
Before CCA Reading (572 CCA)
After CCA Reading (1058 CCA)
Before Resistance reading_05.JPG
Before Resistance Reading (4.96 m)
After Resistance Reading (2.77 m)

The readings were taken about 10 minutes apart to facilitate installation. The results are instantaneous for all cars and works with both petrol and diesel engine cars. With less load on the engine and alternator, the performance of the car should improve by 8hp to 12 hp and with 8% to 15% torque gains across the rev range.

For automatic transmission cars the throttle response will be vastly improved and the transmission will shift more efficiently respond more quickly. Other benefits will be clearer and louder audio system, brighter head lights, less engine vibration and much easier starting in the morning.

In theory the cars fuel consumption will also reduce but this is very subjective to driving style and driving conditions. From our observations most of the owners who have installed the power charger are too busy having fun with extra power to even care about the fuel consumption. The Power Charger is made from military grade electrical components capable of handing extreme heat and is completely sealed and water proof.

The Power Charger is suitable for all cars. There is no maintenance required. Installation is relatively simple for most cars where the alternator is located at the front of the engine. For cars that have the alternators located at the back of the engine bay it may require the car to be hoisted up to access the alternator.

Once the Power Charger is installed the performance difference is immediately felt by the driver. 

Up to 2 units of the Power Charger can be installed into one car. Installing a second unit of Power Charger will further enhance the performance of the battery and also boost performance of the car.

We offer free test to our customers by fitting the Power Charger into their car and they can test drive their cars before deciding on the purchase. We will also do a free battery test with our battery analyser to show the results before and after installation of the Power Charger.  

Customer Feed back after installation:-

- From Jeffrey Thong, Hyundai Sonata NF 2.4

The car is smoother and has better acceleration. Not as sluggish as before and a lot more responsive. The fuel consumption also improved. The car's FC meter used to show 13.5L / 100km, after using the Power Charger it dropped to 12.5L/100km. That is 1L/100km improvement.

- Mr. Seet, Hyundai Tucson 2.0

Had the Power Charger installed in my Tucson. The Tucson is a heavy car and with a tiny 2.0 litre engine it usually struggles to climb hills or overtake other cars. After installing the Power Charger the torque definitely improved making it easier to accelerate up hill. I am now considering to install a second unit to further improve the performance.


- Chris Chong, Nissan Sentra N16 Manual

The N16 is not a particularly fast to begin with but offered decent fuel consumption. I tried the Power Charger based on Ian's recommendation and I immediately noticed the performance improvement. The car behaves differently now and the car is much nicer to drive. The product is not cheap but definitely a good upgrade. 

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