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Ventino Corporation Sdn Bhd
Ventino Corporation Sdn Bhd 751014-D
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The Must-Have In-room Amenities - Ventino Corporation Sdn Bhd

The Must-Have In-room Amenities


Hotel guests always rate a hotel based on its amenities, cleanliness, comfort and safety, that will enhance guests’ experiences and make them come back to the hotel. The whole world of the hotel and hospitality industry is constantly affected by developments that always follow the new trends. In this new era, the “classic” hotel amenities have turned into more modern, environment or customer-friendly, personalized and smart technology.
Therefore, the classic hotel room amenities, such as safe box, hair dryer, minibar/mini fridge, electronic kettle, toiletries, clean towel, telephone and TV, need to incorporate the following amenities, in order to compete with other hotels and follow the latest trends that are now necessary for a modern traveller:

1. High speed Wi-Fi connectivity
High speed internet is an essential investment for any modern . Every traveller is always looking for free access and fast internet, whether they are business people, families or youngsters. The quality of the hotel’s Wi-Fi would affect travellers’ decisions to come back and book the hotel. Reliable Wi-Fi network is essential for them, there are several issues that can affect hotel guest reviews:
  • Wi-Fi has to be fast or high speed and able to work perfectly even at maximum hotel capacity, because most of the hotel guests will use it for video call by Zoom, stream content, access to social media and so on.
  • The signal of Wi-Fi must be strong in all public areas, as well as in all rooms, from top floor to the ground floor. Good Wi-Fi will encourage travellers to use their social media accounts. They may post their experience, images and comments about the hotels.
2. Smart Room & smart technology
It’s the digital age, while ''classic'' might have worked in the late early 2000s, times have changed. Smart rooms are part of the lives nowadays, must be aware of the primary role of personalised service combined with modern smart rooms in overall travel behaviour.
Hotel guests can quickly and easily control their room through a mobile application or a device that controls all of these smart services. More specifically, guests can control or connect to the Smart TV without using a remote. 
The use of modern technology in the guest room creates an additional set of options that are linked to the guest's stay and the sale of additional services by the hotel.

3. Modern table with electronic kettle tray set
A desk has multiple uses for guests, such as placing their essential items, devices, laptops or tablets, while it is also one of the options for working in different areas. Moreover, guests can leave their electronic devices, such as laptops or tablets on the desk while they are outside.
In addition, an can be put on the desk, it allows hotel guests to brew some hot drinks in the morning.
4. Keyless entry system with smart door locks
Advanced RFID, pin and passcode, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection for have become more and more popular. With the innovation of technology, more and more mobile phone connections have matured.
Due to the emergence of COVID during recent years, more realize are important. It is not only to prevent germs on the key surfaces, but guests can use their mobile phones to lock and unlock the door instead. In this way make it easier and more secure for guests to enter their rooms without ever having to incur hotel fines for lost or miss place door keys.

5. Welcome gift

The welcome gift is to make a good first impression of the hotel for guests. When hotel guests enter the hotel room for the first time, giving a nice wrapped welcome gift, especially if it is made of local products or handcrafted skin care travel set. Therefore, hotels do not have to offer expensive or big gift to impress guests.

Main Office

Ventino Corporation Sdn Bhd (751014-D)
7-8, Menara Infiniti, 28, Jalan SS 6/3, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.



Other Office

Ventino Corporation Sdn Bhd
18, Jalan Industri Ringan Permatang Tinggi 2, Kawasan Industri Ringan Permatang Tinggi, 14100 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.


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