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Lab Sciences Engineering Sdn Bhd
Lab Sciences Engineering Sdn Bhd 1004001-X


SYSTERM chemicals Product Range:

ChemAR- Analytical Reagent ( A. R ) ( Reagent specially indicated for analytical applications generally )
ChemAR- ACS ( This indicates that the product also meets the specific American Chemical Society Standard )
ChemPur- General Purpose Reagent ( GPR )/ Chemical Pure/ Extra Pure ( Products of a purity suitable for general laboratory & production use.
ReadilPur- Solution Ready for Use ( Analytical volumetric solution are standardized to specific concentration normally used in laboratory analysis.
StainPur- Certified Stain ( Reagents and preparations used in the environment of microscopy, for making stains, in histology, bacteriology and cytology laboratories.

Chemical Name % Brand Product code Packing
Acacia gum, biochemitry spray dried ( Gum arabic )   Systerm AC010-00 500g
Acetamide ChemPur (Acetic Acid amide) 98 Systerm AC030-00 250g
Acetic Acid Glacial, ChemAR ( eethanoic acid ) 99.5 Systerm AC045-70 2.5L
Aceton, ChemAR ( 2-Propanone, Dimethyl Ketone ) 99.5 Systerm AC100-50 2.5L
Acetone, Technical Grade 99.9 Systerm   17L
Acetonitrile HPLC 99.8 Systerm AC284-50 4.0L
Acetonitrile, ChemAR ( Methyl Cyanide ) 99.5 Systerm AC282-50 2.5L
Acetylacetone, ChemPur 99 Systerm AC401-90 1L
Albumin, egg 80 Systerm AL018-00 250g
Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate 12H2O, ChemAR 99 Systerm AL127-00 500g
Aluminium Chloride hexahydrate, ChemPur 98.5 Systerm AL260-90 500g
Aluminium Foil 45.7 x 7.62m   Systerm AL300-00 Roll
Aluminium Hydroxide, ChemPur 90 Systerm AL371-00 500g
Aluminium Nitrate nonahydrate, ChemAR 98 Systerm  AL488-90 500g
Aluminium Oxide, ChemPur ( Aluminia ) 99 Systerm AL602-00 500g
Aluminium Potassium Sulphate 12H2O, ChemAR 98 Systerm AL733-00 1kg
Aluminium powder, ChemPur ( 325 mesh ) 99.7 Systerm AL029-50 500g
Aluminium Sulphate 16-hydrate, ChemAR 98 Systerm AL831-90 500g
Ammonia Solution 25%, ChemAR 25 Systerm AM019-90 2.5L
Ammonium Acetate, ChemAR 98 Systerm AM060-00 500g
Ammonium Carbonate, ChemPur 30 Systerm AM172-90 500g
Ammonium Chloride, ChemAR 99.8 Systerm AM200-90 1kg
Ammonium Dichromate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm AM252-90 500g
Ammonium dihydrogen Phosphate, ChemAR 98 Systerm AM425-00 500g
Ammonium Hydrogen di-fluoride, ChemAR (Ammonium Bifluoride) 99.5 Systerm AM350-70 1kg
Ammonium Iron II Sulphate, hexahydrate, ChemAR 99.8 Systerm AM518-00 500g
Ammonium Iron III Sulphate dodecahydrate, ChemPur 99 Systerm AM551-00 500g
Ammonium Molybdate Tetrahydrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm AM580-90 250g
Ammonium nickel sulphate hexahydrate, ChemPur 95 Systerm AM595-00 500g
Ammonium Nitrate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm AM611-30 500g
Ammonium Oxalate monohydrate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm AM656-00 500g
Ammonium Peroxodisulphate, ChemAR/Ammonium Persulphate 98 Systerm AM700-30 500g
Ammonium Sulphate, ChemAR 99 Systerm AM734-00 1kg
Ammonium Thiocyanate, ChemAR 99 Systerm AM762-90 500g
Ammonium Thiosulphate, ChemPur 98 Systerm AM800-00 500g
Anti-Bumping Granular ChemPur ( Fued alumia )   Systerm AN392-00 250g
Di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate, ChemAR 98 Systerm AM460-00 500g
L ( + ) Ascorbic Acid, ChemAR ( Vitamin C ) 99.7 Systerm AS093-00 500g
1-Butanol, ChemAR ( n-butyl alcohol ) 99 Systerm BU040-90 2.5L
Barium Carbonate, ChemPur 98 Systerm BA016-90 1kg
Barium Chloride, 10%, Readilpur   Systerm BA127-10 1L
Barium Chloride, Dihydrate, ChemAR, ChemAR 99 Systerm BA125-90 500g
Barium hydroxide, octahydrate, ChemAR 98 Systerm BA232-90 500g
Barium Nitrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm BA341-90 500g
Barium Peroxide ChemPur   Systerm BA401-30 500g
Barium Sulphate, ChemPur 97 Systerm BA554-90 1kg
Benedict Reagent ReadilPur   Systerm BE018-00 500ml
Benzene ChemPur ( Cyclohexatriene ) 99 Systerm BE036-50 2.5L
Benzoic acid, ChemAR ( Benzene Carboxylic acid ) 99 Systerm BE039-90 500g
Boric acid, ChemAR 99.8 Systerm BO041-00 500g
Bromocresol green, StainPur ( Bromocresol Blue )   Systerm BR025-00 10g
Bromocresol green, Indicator 0.04%  ( alcohol ), ReadilPur   Systerm BR030-01 500ml
Bromocresol green, Indicator 0.1%  ( alcohol ), ReadilPur   Systerm BR030-05 500ml
Bromocresol purple sodium salt, StainPur    Systerm BR044-00 10g
Bromocresol purple, Indicator 0.1% ( alcohol ), ReadilPur    Systerm BR050-05 500ml
Bromophenol blue sodium salt, StainPur    Systerm BR069-00 10g
Bromothymol blue, StainPur    Systerm BR081-00 10g
Buffer pH 2 , ReadilPur   Systerm BU015-00 500ml
Buffer pH 4 ( Citric ), ReadilPur   Systerm BU020-00 500ml
Buffer pH 7 ( Phosphate ), ReadilPur   Systerm BU025-00 500ml
Buffer pH 9 ( Borate ), ReadilPur   Systerm BU030-00 500ml
Buffer pH 10 ( Borate ), ReadilPur   Systerm BU035-00 500ml
Caclium chloride fused (1.5-12mm) ChemPur 95 Systerm CA066-90 500g
Calcium Acetate hydrate, ChemPUr 99.1 Systerm CA031-00 500g
Calcium carbonate, precipitated, ChemPur 98 Systerm CA041-00 500g
Calcium chloride, dihydrate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm CA081-90 1kg
Calcium hydroxide, ChemAR. (Hydrated Lime) 96 Systerm CA105-00 500g
Calcium nitrate, tetrahydrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm CA121-30 1kg
Calcium Oxide powder, ChemPur 95 Systerm CA138-70 500g
Calcium Sulphate dihydrate, ChemPUr 98 Systerm CA263-00 500g
Carbon powder ChemPur   Systerm CA500-00 500g
Carmine (C.I.75470), StainPur   Systerm CA850-00 5g
Cetyl Alcohol, ChemPur (1-hexadecanol) 95 Systerm CE373-00 500g
Charcoal Activated, powder, ChemPur   Systerm CH033-00 500g
Chloroform, ChemAR ( Trichloromethane ) 99 Systerm CH071-90 2.5L
Chromium ( VI )oxide, ChemPur ( Chromium trioxide ) 99 Systerm CH089-20 500g
Citric acid, anhydrous, ChemPur 99 Systerm CI024-00 1kg
Citric acid, monohydrate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm CI050-90 500g
Cobalt (II) chloride, hexahydrate, ChemAR. 99 Systerm CO100-90 500g
Cobalt ( II ) nitrate, hexahydrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm CO127-90 250g
Cobalt II Sulphate heptahydrate ChemAR 99 Systerm CO132-90 500g
Congo Red (C.I.22120) indicator pH 3.0-5.2, stainPur   Systerm CO134-00 25g
Copper II carbonate, basic, ChemAR 55 Systerm CO160-90 500g
Copper II chloride, dihydrate, ChemAR. 99 Systerm CO211-90 500g
Copper II nitrate, trihydrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm CO250-00 500g
Copper II oxide, ChemPur 95 Systerm CO414-00 500g
Copper II sulphate, pentahydrate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm CO555-90 1kg
Copper metal foil, ChemPur   Systerm CO135-00 250g
Copper, powder, ChemPur 99.5 Systerm CO145-00 500g
Cyclohexene, ChemAR ( hexahydrobenzene ) 99.5 Systerm CY099-50 2.5L
mono-Calcium phosphate ChemPur 92 Systerm CA142-00 500g
2,6-Dichlorophenol-indophenol sodium salt 2H2O ChemAR 98 Systerm DI310-00 5g
Dichloromethane, ChemAR ( Methylene Chloride ) 99.5 Systerm DI270-90 2.5L
Diethyl ether, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm DI352-50 2.5L
Dimethyl Sulfoxide, ChemAR 99.8 Systerm DI650-90 2.5L
Dimethylglyoxime ChemAR 99 Systerm DI620-90 25g
Diphenylamine ChemPur 99 Systerm DI725-20 100g
N,N-dimethylformamide, ChemAR. 99.5 Systerm DI521-20 2.5L
EDTA Disodium Salt 0.005M (0.01N), ReadilPur   Systerm ET360-90 1L
EDTA Disodium Salt 0.01M (0.02N), ReadilPur   Systerm ET361-97 1L
EDTA Disodium Salt 0.025M (0.05N), ReadilPur   Systerm ET360-95 1L
EDTA Disodium Salt 0.05M (0.1N), ReadilPur   Systerm ET361-94 1L
EDTA Disodium Salt 0.1M (0.2N), ReadilPur   Systerm ET362-93 1L
Eosin Y (C.I.45380) sodium salt, stainPur 88 Systerm EO622-00 25g
Eosin Y 1.0%, ReadilPur   Systerm EO625-00 500ml
Eriochrome black T, (C.I.14645), stainPur   Systerm ER102-90 25g
Ethanol 70% ChemPur 70 Systerm ET110-50 2.5L
Ethanol 95% (Technical Grade) 95 Systerm ET136-50 25L
Ethanol 95% Undenatured, ChemAR 95 Systerm ET129-50 2.5L
Ethanol 95%, denatured, ChemAR 95 Systerm ET130-50 2.5L
Ethanol 95%, denatured, ChemPUr 95 Systerm ET131-50 2.5L
Ehtnaol absolute 99.5% ( w/w ), denatured, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm ET165-50 2.5L
Ethanol absolute 99.8%, Undenatured, ChemAR 99.8 Systerm ET150-50 2.5L
Ethyl acetate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm ET223-50 2.5L
Ethyl acetate, ChemPUr 99 Systerm ET224-50 2.5L
Ethylene glycol, ChemAR ( 1, 2- Ethanediol ) 99.5 Systerm ET379-90 2.5L
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt 2H2O ChemAR 99 Systerm ET355-90 500g
D(-)-Fructose, ChemPur 99 Systerm FR225-00 500g
Fehling A, ReadilPur   Systerm FE100-00 1L
Fehling B, ReadilPur   Systerm FE101-00 1L
Ferroin Solution( 1, 10- Phenanthroline ( II ) Salt Solution, ReadilPUr   Systerm FE200-00 100ml
Formaldehyde 37%, ChemAR ( Formalin ) 37 Systerm FO129-20 1kg
Formic acid, ChemPUr 98 Systerm FO264-70 100g
Fuchsin acid (C.I.42685), stainPur 60 Systerm FU123-00 25g
Fuchsin basic (C.I.42510), stainPur 88 Systerm FU135-00 25g
D ( + )- Glucose, anhydrous, ChemPUr ( Dextrose ) 52.5 Systerm GL127-00 1kg
D ( + )- Glucose, monohydrate, ChemPUr ( Dextrose ) 52.6 Systerm GL156-00 500g
Glass Clean, ChemPur   Systerm GL079-90 2.5L
Glycerol, anhydrous, ChemAR ( Glycerin ) 86 Systerm GL214-00 2.5L
Glycine, ChemAR. (Aminoacetic acid, Glycocoll) 99.5 Systerm GL381-00 500g
Haematoxylin (C.I. 75290), stainPur   Systerm HA388-00 25g
Hexadecyltrimethylammonium Bromide, ChemPur    Systerm HE290-90 250g
Hydrochloric acid 0.05M, ReadilPur   Systerm HY491-55 1L
Hydrochloric acid 1.0M, ReadilPur   Systerm HY494-50 1L
Hydrochloric acid 2.0M, RadilPur   Systerm HY495-55 1L
Hydrochloric acid 5.0M, ReadilPur   Systerm HY496-50 1L
Hydrochloric acid 6.0M, ReadilPur   Systerm HY497-55 1L
Hydrochloric acid fuming 37%, ChemAR 37 Systerm HY479-70 2.5L
Hydrofluoric acid 48%, ChemAR 48 Systerm HY521-70 5L
Hydrogen peroxide 30%, ChemAR. 30 Systerm HY659-70 2.5L
Hydrogen peroxide 35%, ChemPur 35 Systerm HY701-70 2.5L
Hydrogen peroxide 6% ChemPur (20 Vol) 6 Systerm HY655-70 500ml
Hydroquinone, ChemPur 99 Systerm HY805-90 500g
Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride ChemAR 99 Systerm HY880-90 500g
n-Heptane, ChemAR 99 Systerm HE255-50 2.5L
n-Hexane 95%, ChemAR 95 Systerm HE301-50 2.5L
n- Hexane, 99%, ChemAR 99 Systerm HE315-50 2.5L
n-Hexane, HPLC 95 Systerm HE300-50 4L
Immersion oil for microscopy   Systerm IM372-90 100ml
Indigo carmine (C.I.73015), stainPur 88 Systerm IN521-00 25g
Iodine 0.05M (0.1N), ReadilPur   Systerm IO610-90 500ml
Iodine 1%, ReadilPur   Systerm IO600-90 1L
Iodine resublimed, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm IO424-90 500g
Iron II Chloride tetrahydarte ChemPur 99 Systerm IR414-90 500g
Iron II sulphate, heptahydrate, ChemAR. 99.5 Systerm IR729-90 1kg
Iron II sulphide, lumps, ChemPur 95 Systerm IR822-00 500g
Iron III chloride, anhydrous, ChemPur 98 Systerm IR425-90 1kg
Iron III nitrate, nonahydrate, ChemPUr 98 Systerm IR500-30 500g
Iron III oxide (Brown) ChemPur 97 Systerm  IR561-00 500g
Iron III oxide,(Black), ChemPur 97 Systerm IR559-00 500g
Iron III pyrophosphate, ChemPur 20 Systerm IR612-00 250g
Iron III Sulphate hydate ChemPur 78 Systerm IR733-00 500g
Iron powder, reduced, ChemPur 96 Systerm IR281-50 500g
Iso Octane(2,2,4-trimethylpentane) CheAR 99.5 Systerm IS649-50 2.5L
Iso-Butanol, ChemPur (2-Methyl-1-Propanol) 98 Systerm IS600-90 2.5L
Lactic acid 88%, ChemAR. 88 Systerm LA372-90 2.5L
Lactose, monohydrate, ChemPur   Systerm LA516-00 500g
Lead (II,IV) oxide, ChemPur (Lead tetra-oxide) 98 Systerm LE645-90 500g
Lead carbonate basic, ChemPur (Lead II Carbonate) 79 Systerm LE317-20 500g
Lead fine powder, ChemPur 99 Systerm LE192-20 500g
Lead II acetate trihydrate, ChemPur 99.5 Systerm LE274-20 500g
Lead II acetate, basic, ChemAR. 98 Systerm LE270-20 500g
Lead II Bromide, ChemAR 99 Systerm LE280-20 500g
Lead II nitrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm LE396-20 500g
Lead II oxide, ChemPur 98 Systerm LE562-20 500g
Lead Iodide, ChemPur 98 Systerm LE301-20 500g
Lead Shot 3 – 5mm, ChemPur   Systerm LE199-00 500g
Lead Sulphide, ChemPur   Systerm LE681-20 250g
Leishman’s stain, StainPur   Systerm LE800-00 25g
Lycopodium powder, ChemPur   Systerm LY310-50 100g
D(-) -Mannitol, ChemPur 98 Systerm MA971-00 500g
Magnesium chloride,hexahydrate, ChemAR. 99.5 Systerm MA300-00 1kg
Magnesium hydroxide carbonate,(Basic) ChemPur 40 Systerm MA352-00 500g
Magnesium metal powder, ChemPur 99 Systerm MA176-50 500g
Magnesium nitrate, hexahydrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm MA411-90 1kg
Magnesium oxide, light, ChemPur 97 Systerm MA498-00 500g
Magnesium ribbon, ChemPur 99 Systerm MA102-00 25g
Magnesium sulphate, anhydrous, CHemAR 98 Systerm MA551-00 500g
Magnesium sulphate, heptahydrate, ChemAR. 99.5 Systerm MA570-00 1kg
Maleic acid, ChemPur 99 Systerm MA590-90 500g
Manganese ( II ) carbonate, hydrate, ChemPUr 43 Systerm MA719-00 500g
Manganese ( II ) chloride, tetrahydrate, ChemAR 98 Systerm MA738-90 500g
Manganese ( II ) sulphate, monohydrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm MA900-90 500g
Manganese (IV) oxide, 85% precipitate, ChemPur 85 Systerm MA877-90 500g
Mercury, ChemPUR 99.9 Systerm ME035-20 1kg
Mercury ( II ) Acetate, ChemAR 99 Systerm ME095-20 100g
Mercury ( II ) chloride, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm ME133-20 100g
Mercury ( II ) Nitrate monohydrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm ME170-20 100g
Mercury ( II ) sulphate, ChemAR 99 Systerm ME216-20 100g
Methanol (Technical Grade) 99.8 Systerm ME318-50 25L
Methanol, ChemAR 99.8 Systerm ME313-50 2.5L
Methanol, HPLC 99.9 Systerm ME315-50 4L
Methyl ethyl ketone, ChemAR (Ethyl Methyl Ketone) 99 Systerm ME360-50 2.5L
Methylene Blue ( C. I 52015), StainPur 82 Systerm ME590-90 100g
Methylene Blue 1.0%, ReadlPur   Systerm ME605-90 500ml
Methyl Orange ( C. I 13025), Sodium Salt, StainPur   Systerm ME690-20 25g
Methyl Orange Indicator 0.05%, ReadilPur   Systerm ME700-20 500ml
Methyl Orange Indicator 0.1%, ReadilPur   Systerm ME705-20 1L
Methyl red 0.1% ( alcohol ), ReadilPur   Systerm ME850-00 500ml
Metyl red sodium salt ( C.I. 13020 ), Stainpur   Systerm ME800-00 25g
Mica powder, ChemPur   Systerm MI150-00 100g
Murexide, ChemPur   Systerm MU300-00  
1-Naphthol, ChemPur (alpha naphthol) 97 Systerm NA399-90 100g
Naphthalene, ChemPur 99 Systerm NA196-90 500g
Nickel (II) Acetate, ChemAR 95 Systerm NI101-00 500g
Nickel (II) chloride, hexahydrate, ChemPur 97 Systerm NI153-20 500g
Nickel (II) hydroxide carbonate hydrate, ChemPur 47 Systerm NI322-90 500g
Nickel ( II ) nitrate, hexahydrate, ChemPUr 97 Systerm NI401-30 500g
Nickel (II) sulphate, hexahydrate, ChemPur 98 Systerm NI552-90 500g
Nitric acid 65%, ChemAR 65 Systerm NI710-70 2.5L
Nitrate acid 69%, ChemAR 69 Systerm NI751-70 2.5L
Oleic acid, ChemPur 65 Systerm OL252-90 2.5L
Oxalic acid, dihydrate ChemAR ( ethanedioic acid ) 99.5 Systerm OX291-90 500g
1-Propanol, ChemAR (n Propyl Alcohol) 99 Systerm PR264-50 2.5L
1,10-Phenanthroline, monohydrate, ChemAR. 99.5 Systerm PH200-20 5g
2-Propanol, ChemAR. (Iso Propyl Alcohol) 99.7 Systerm PR315-50 2.5L
di-Potassium hydrogen phthalate, ChemPUr 99 Systerm PO443-00 500g
di-Potassium oxalate, monohyrate, ChemAR. 99.8 Systerm PO727-90 500g
Iso Propyl Alcohol (2-Propanol), Technical Grade 99.7 Systerm PR318-50 25L
ortho-Phosphoric acid 85%, ChemAR 85 Systerm PH781-70 2.5L
Pan Indicator 98%, stainPur 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-napthol) 98 Systerm PA600-00 5g
Paraffin liquid, ChemPUr   Systerm PA612-00 2.5L
Perchloric acid 70% ChemAR 70 Systerm PE300-30 1L
Perspek Chip, ChemPur   Systerm PE350-00 500g
Petroleum ether 40-60oC, ChemAR   Systerm PE511-50 2.5L
Petroleum ether 60-80oC, ChemAR   Systerm PE513-50 2.5L
Phenolphthalein Indicator 0.1%(alcohol), ReadilPur   Systerm PH530-00 1L
Phenolphthalein Indicator 1.0%(alcohol), ReadilPur   Systerm PH535-00 1L
Phenolphthalein, ChemAR 99 Systerm PH525-00 100g
Potassium acetate ACS   Systerm PO050-00 500g
Potassium bromide, ChemAR. 99 Systerm PO100-00 500g
Potassium carbonate, ChemAR. 99.5 Systerm PO158-90 1kg
Potassium chloride 3.0M. ReadilPur   Systerm PO215-00 500ml
Potassium chloride, ChemAR. 99.5 Systerm PO207-00 1kg
Potassium chromate 5%, ReadilPur   Systerm PO235-20 1L
Potassium chromate, ChemAR. 99.5 Systerm PO231-20 500g
Potassium cyanide, ChemPur 97 Systerm PO340-20 1kg
Potassium dichromate, ChemAR 99 Systerm PO381-20 500g
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm PO413-00 1kg
Potassium ferricyanide, ChemAR.(Pot hexacyanoferate III) 99 Systerm PO500-00 500g
Potassium ferrocyanide, trihydrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm PO521-00 500g
Potassium fluoride ChemPur 97 Systerm PO540-20 500g
Potassium hydrogen carbonate, ChemPur 99 Systerm PO554-00 500g
Potassium hydrogen phthalate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm PO591-00 500g
Potassium hydrogen sulphate, ChemPUr 98 Systerm PO616-70 500g
Potassium hydroxide 0.5M, ReadilPur   Systerm PO650-70 1L
Potassium hydroxide 0.1M, ReadilPur   Systerm PO649-70 1L
Potassium hydroxide pellets, ChemAR 85 Systerm PO645-70 1kg
Potassium iodate, ChemPur 99 Systerm PO662-30 500g
Potassium iodide, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm PO681-00 500g
Potassium nitrate, ChemAR ( Nitrate acid potassium salt ) 99 Systerm PO699-30 1kg
Potassium permanganate ChemPur 99 Systerm PO752-30 1kg
Potassium persulphate, ChemAR. 99 Systerm PO788-30 500g
Potassium sodium tartrate, tetrahydrate, ChemAR 99 Systerm PO820-00 500g
Potassium sulphate, ChemAR 99 Systerm PO845-00 1kg
Potassium thiocyanate, ChemPur 98 Systerm PO912-90 500g
Pyridine, ChemAR 99 Systerm PY252-50 1L
tri-Potassium citrate,monohydrate, ChemPur 98 Systerm PO291-00 1kg
Quartz powder, ChemPur (Silicon dioxide)   Systerm QU323-00 100g
di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate, anhydrous, ChemAR 99 Systerm SO414-00 1kg
di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate, dihydrate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm SO425-00 1kg
di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate, dodecahyrate,ChemAR. 99 Systerm SO441-00 1kg
di-Sodium oxalate, ChemAR. 99 Systerm SO558-90 500g
di-Sodium tetraborate, decahydrate, ChemAR. (Borax) 99.5 Systerm SO753-90 500g
penta-Sodium triphosphate, ChemPur (Sod. Tripolyphosphate) 57 Systerm SO870-00 500g
Safranine O, C.I.50240, stainPUr   Systerm SA223-00 25g
Salicylic acid, ChemPur 99.5 Systerm SA391-90 500g
Selenium Powder, ChemPur 99 Systerm SE534-20 100g
Silica gel blue, particle size 3-6mm, ChemPUr   Systerm SI181-00 1kg
Silicone oil, ChemPur (For oil Batch up to 250oC)   Systerm SI380-00 2.5L
Silver nitrate 0.1M, ReadilPur   Systerm SI460-70 2.5L
Silver nitrate, ChemAR 99.7 Systerm SI451-70 100g
Silver sulphate, ChemAR 98 Systerm SI618-90 100g
Soda lime with indicator, ChemPur   Systerm SO029-70 500g
Sodium acetate, anhydrous, ChemAR. 99 Systerm SO115-00 1kg
Sodium acetate, trihydrate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm SO125-00 1kg
Sodium azide, ChemAR 99 Systerm SO139-20 100g
Sodium benzoate, ChemPur 99 Systerm SO150-00 500g
Sodium bromide, ChemAR. 99 Systerm SO180-00 500g
Sodium carbonate, anhydrous, ChemAR ( Soda ash ) 99.5 Systerm SO200-90 500g
Sodium chloride, ChemAR 99 Systerm SO230-00 1kg
Sodium chromate, anhydrous, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm SO250-20 500g
Sodium chromate, anhydrous, ChemPur 99.5 Systerm SO251-20 500g
Sodium dichromate, dihydrate, ChemPur 99 Systerm SO295-20 1kg
Sodium dihydrogen phosphate,anhydrous, ChemAR. 99 Systerm SO318-00 1kg
Sodium dithionite, ChemPur 87 Systerm SO345-90 1kg
Sodium disulphite, ChemPur (Sodium metabisulphite) 97 Systerm SO331-90 1kg
Sodium dodecyl sulphate, ChemPur 99 Systerm SO360-90 250g
Sodium formate ChemAR. 99 Systerm SO370-00 1kg
Sodium hexametaphosphate, ChemPur 65 Systerm SO385-00 1kg
Sodium hydrogen carbonate, ChemPur 99 Systerm SO399-00 1kg
Sodium hydrogen sulphate ChemAR   Systerm SO450-90 500g
Sodium hydroxide 0.01M, ReadilPur   Systerm SO484-01 1L
Sodium hydroxide 0.1M, ReadilPur   Systerm SO485-01 1L
Sodium hydroxide 0.2M, ReadilPur   Systerm SO485-02 1L
Sodium hydroxide 0.5M, ReadilPur   Systerm SO485-05 1L
Sodium hydroxide 1.0M, ReadilPur   Systerm SO486-01 1L
Sodium hydroxide 2.0M, ReadilPur   Systerm SO486-02 1L
Sodium hydroxide 5.0M, ReadilPur   Systerm SO486-05 1L
Sodium hydroxide, pellets, ChemAR 98 Systerm SO460-70 1kg
Sodium hypochlorite solution, ChemPur.(10% Chlorine)   Systerm SO495-70 2.5L
Sodium meta periodate, ChemAR 99 Systerm SO570-30 100g
Sodium meta-silicate, pentahydrate, ChemPur 29.1 Systerm SO631-90 1kg
Sodium nitrate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm SO515-30 1kg
Sodium nitrite, ChemAR. 98 Systerm SO522-30 1kg
Sodium nitroprusside, dihydrate, ChemAR. 99 Systerm SO540-20 100g
Sodium peroxodisulphate, ChemAR. (Sodium Persulphate) 98 Systerm SO581-30 500g
Sodium Pyrophosphate dibasic ChemPur 92 Systerm SO622-90 1kg
Sodium sulphate, anhydrous, ChemAR. 99 Systerm SO660-00 1kg
Sodium sulphide, flake, ChemPur 30 Systerm SO694-70 500g
Sodium sulphite, anhydrous, ChemAR. 98 Systerm SO721-00 1kg
Sodium thiocyanate, ChemPur 98 Systerm SO781-90 500g
Sodium thiosulphate 0.01M, ReadilPur   Systerm SO825-00 1L
Sodium thiosulphate 0.1M, ReadilPur   Systerm SO835-00 1L
Sodium thiosulphate, pentahydrate, ChemAR.   Systerm SO818-00 1kg
Starch Indicator 0.1%, ReadilPur   Systerm ST318-01 1L
Starch soluble, ChemAR.   Systerm ST318-00 500g
Stearic acid, ChemPur 97 Systerm ST512-00 500g
Succinic acid, ChemPur   Systerm SU191-90 500g
Sucrose, ChemAR   Systerm SU250-00 500g
Sudan III, C.I.26100, stainPur   Systerm SU222-00 25g
Sudan IV (C.I.26105), stainPur   Systerm SU223-00 25g
Sulphamic acid, ChemAR. 99.5 Systerm SU312-90 1kg
Sulphur, precipitated powder, ChemPur 99.5 Systerm SU500-00 1kg
Sulphuric acid 0.005M (0.01N), ReadilPur   Systerm SU725-70 1L
Sulphuric acid 0.5M (1.0N), ReadilPur   Systerm SU735-70 1L
Sulphuric acid 2.5M (5.0N), ReadilPur   Systerm SU737-75 1L
Sulphuric acid, 95-98%, ChemAR. 98 Systerm SU710-70 2.5L
tetra-Sodium pyrophosphate, anhydrous, ChemPur 98 Systerm SO624-00 500g
tri-Sodium citrate, dihydrate, ChemPur 99 Systerm SO269-00 1kg
tri-Sodium phosphate, anhydrous, ChemPur 94 Systerm SO601-00 1kg
1,1,1 Trichloroethane, ChemAR. (Methylchloroform) 99.5 Systerm TR221-90 2.5L
L(+) Tartaric acid, ChemPur 99.7 Systerm TA418-00 500g
Tetrachloroethylene, ChemAR. (Perchloroethylene) 99.5 Systerm TE215-50 2.5L
Tetrahydrofuran ChemAR 99.8 Systerm TE380-50 2.5L
Tetrahydrofuran HPLC 99.5 Systerm TE382-50 4L
Thymol blue sodium salt, water soluble, stainPur   Systerm TH725-00 25g
Thymol, ChemPUr 99 Systerm TH423-90 25g
Thymolphthalein ChemAR.   Systerm TH825-00 10g
Tin IV oxide, ChemPUr( Tin dioxide ) 99 Systerm TI651-00 500g
Toluene (Technical Grade) 98.5 Systerm TO318-50 17L
Tolune, ChemAR ( Methylchloroform ) 99.5 Systerm TO315-50 2.5L
Triethanolamine, ChemPUr 98 Systerm TR685-00 2.5L
Tween 20, ChemPur (Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate)   Systerm TW121-00 500ml
Tween 80, ChemPur (Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monoleate)   Systerm TW151-00 500ml
Universal indicator pH 1.0-14.0, ReadilPur   Systerm UN356-50 500ml
Urea, ChemAR. 99 Systerm UR591-00 500g
Vaseline, white, ChemPur (Petroleum Jelly)   Systerm VA282-00 500g
Water, distilled, ChemAR.   Systerm WA312-00 2.5L
wij’s solution, ReadilPur   Systerm WI501-70 2.5L
Xylene, mixture of isomers, ChemAR. (Dimethylbenzene) 98.5 Systerm XY433-90 2.5L
Zinc (metal), granulated, ChemPur 99 Systerm ZI071-00 500g
Zinc (metal), powder, ChemPur 95 Systerm ZI091-50 500g
Zinc chloride, ChemPUr 95 Systerm ZI181-70 1kg
Zinc hydroxide carbonate, ChemPur 58 Systerm ZI272-00 500g
Zinc nitrate, hexahydrate, ChemPUr 98 Systerm ZI320-30 500g
Zinc oxide, ChemPur 99 Systerm ZI481-00 500g
Zinc sulphate, heptahyrate, ChemAR 99.5 Systerm ZI660-90 500g
Zinc Sulphide, ChemPUr 98 Systerm ZI681-00 500g

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