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iMS Motion Solution (Johor) Sdn Bhd
iMS Motion Solution (Johor) Sdn Bhd 1098771-W
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday Closed
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iMS Motion Solution (Johor) Sdn Bhd
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  • Sensors Application Sharing

    FA Automation Sharing Category by Automation
  • Autonics TMH Series

    Category by Automation
  • Autonics : 16 mm Control Switches S/L Series

    Category by Automation
  • Autonics : Photoelectric Sensor Lens Cutting and Quality Inspection Demo

    Category by Automation
  • Output Torque, Rotation Speed & Angle Simultaneously! TC80-D3V

    Category by Automation
  • FESTO connect & discover | Electric Automation

    Category by Automation
  • Let's build a simple weighing scale with FC400 [UNIPULSE]

    We used FC400-DAC, a weighing indicator with abundant weighting functions. FC400-DAC is a compact weighing Indicator with D/A converter. It is suitable for many weighing applications such as hopper scale, packing scale, weight level meter, etc. Either voltage or current output, corresponding to the indicated value, is available. Category by Automation
  • Festo smart positioner CMSH with HART communication

    The CMSH provides you with all the benefits of a highly dynamic, low-wear positioning system with high air output and a long service life. You now only need one device for the fast and precise control of actuators, whether large or small, linear or rotary, single- acting or double-acting. Together with the low internal air consumption, this reduces costs. Featuring 2-wire technology, HART communication, condition monitoring functions and a modular system with many variants, the CMSH offers excellent flexibility for a great number of applications. Category by Automation
  • UNIPULSE OK/NOK judgement for cap tightening by UNISERVO [Torque Actuator]

    What is UNISERVO? UNISERVO is a rotary actuator with a built-in torque meter. Space-saving can be achieved for equipment or test machine that are used with motors and torque meters in combination. What makes UNISERVO so splendid? Space-saving As UNISERVO can measure torque while driving motor, a length in axial direction can be significantly reduced in the case of torque measurement. Built-in torque meter is UTM series made by UNIPULSE UTM is a torque meter that achieves the world's highest level of accuracy and outstanding stability of zero point. Therefore, UNISERVO can perform high-accuracy & high-responsive torque measurement. Category by Automation
  • Unipluse 3 best indicators for force measurement! Manage assembly process by waveform comparison

    In case of Y-axis as Load & X-axis as Time: - Waveform varies as speed differs. That is, basis of OK waveform is liable to change. In case of Y-axis as Load & X-axis as Distance: - Waveform is stabilized every time even if speed differs. Thus, Waveform comparison is effective. Category by Automation
  • Festo standard NAMUR valve VSNC with new variants

    The standard NAMUR valve VSNC is certified worldwide in accordance with the usual explosion-protection standards and can be used in many industry segments and applications - now with new variants. Its distinguishing features are a modern design, durable quality and fully tested Category by Automation
  • Festo Proximity sensor SDBT-MSX

    Magneto-resistive proximity sensor for T-slot, for installation from above. Compliant with EU explosion protection directive (ATEX) and fitted with NAMUR output. - Measuring principle: magneto-resistive - Oil-resistant, welding field-resistant, resistant to welding spatter - Can be inserted into the slot from above, secured with screw - LED switching status indication - Cable length 0.3 ... 5 m - SDBT-EX6: To EU Explosion Protection Directive (ATEX Category by Automation
  • Festo Pneumatic extension modules VTOP

    The VTOP is ideal for control applications with positioner and additional instrumentation. The pneumatic extension modules facilitate a complete setup, without tedious searches for components and time-consuming installation, and thus greatly simplify maintenance. The new installation concept VTOP with patented, integrated air routing allows you to combine the individual modules you need, and easily retrofit other modules at any time. Category by Automation
  • Machine Vision Systems from Festo

    From inspection to identification, barcode reading to robotic guidance, measurement to color analysis, Festo provides machine vision solutions to suit your needs. With higher resolutions, more powerful software tools, easier integration and more flexibility, the latest generation of SBS vision sensors provide the right features and tools to meet your demanding machine vision requirements. Category by Automation
  • Efficient Automation Control with Autonics HMI

    HMIs provide users with an interface to directly interact with machines in order to control and monitor various processes. #FLEXIBLE #ELEGANT #USERFRIENDLY Category by Automation
  • UNIPULSE/ROBOTEC | Intelligent Assist Balancer Moon Lifter

    Moon Lifter (Intelligent Assist Balancer) is a lifting device that assists you a heavy object weighing 10 to 1500 kg and moves it with a light force. Gentle transportation that does not damage workpieces has been achieved by holding them with hands directly. Moon Lifter has been used for the following work operations such as: - for setting workpieces on processing machines & assembling processes at manufacturing - for transporting bags filled with raw materials & charging in tanks - for packing finished products & stacking folding containers Category by Automation
  • Festo service unit component series MS-Basic

    The MS-Basic in a polymer housing offers you attractively priced basic components focused on the most important technical functions of compressed air preparation such as pressure regulation, filter regulation and manual or electric switch-on. And it is fully compatible with the MS series. This allows you to create the best possible mix of low-cost basic functions and any high-end functions you need. Category by Automation
  • Festo New Website Launch

    Festo is world-renowned for its innovative, cost-effective and reliable automation solutions, and we've rebuilt our website to live up to those attributes. Visit Festo today, learn about our new website and discover the tools and support you need more easily, quickly and efficiently. Discover the new now: Category by Automation
  • Festo The quickest way ever to the right handling system

    There really is no quicker or easier way: the Handling Guide Online (HGO) considerably increases your engineering efficiency and gives you the certainty that your system is correctly sized. Watch as Bill Fontaine, Electric Automation Business Development, and Steve Hunt from iAutomation discuss the benefits HGO provided for iAutomations customer Category by Automation
  • Motion made easy C Festo Simplified Motion Series

    The integrated drives of the Festo Simplified Motion Series are the perfect solution for users who are looking for an electric alternative for simple movement and positioning tasks, but who dont want the commissioning process for traditional electric drive systems that can often be quite complex. Category by Automation
  • [UNIPULSE] Secret for installation method of UTM: Case . Without vibration [Torque meter]

    Compact & lightweight, accuracy, responsivity, durability, stability, non-contact Achieved the world's best in all aspects. UTMIII is a UNIPULSE's rotary torque meter supported by many customers. ------ One of the advantages to UTM series is that this torque sensor can directly measure torque which applies at its main axis. Such advantages can be obtained! - There are less points to adjust alignment. - By rotating in slow speed, fluctuations such as misalignments or angle errors can be checked from torque values. - When rotating, the housing vibrates due to fluctuations such as misalignments or angle errors. From these vibrations, misalignments can be checked. With misalignments and angle errors - A paperclip fell off from the housing of UTM due to vibrations. - Phenomenon such as large detection widths on the vibration monitor V100 were confirmed. Category by Automation
  • Autonics | Better, Wider, Compact LiDAR LSC Series

    Category by Automation
  • Unboxing the FESTO new cylinder switches SDBT-MSX and SDBT/C-MSB

    SDBT-MSX cylinder switch with auto teach-in function offers extremely simple, quick and safe commissioning without precision adjustment and readjustment. SDBT/C-MSB cylinder switches with solid-state technology offer a longer service life compared to conventional mechanical reed switch and ideal for basic application. Category by Automation
Main Office

iMS Motion Solution (Johor) Sdn Bhd (1098771-W)
7, Jalan Sasa 4, Taman Gaya, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia.



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