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Autogate KL
Autogate KL



The D’NOR 212k is the upgrade from its predecessor, the 212 Model. As an upgrade from the 212 Model, the 212k is a newly engineered product that is integrated with a manual locking system, that serves as an extra layer of protection and a dependable system should there is no power available. This automatic gate opener comes in the form of a piston arm, made for both swing and folding gate types. It is made based on Italian technology, which focuses on function and durability of the product. With a max capacity of 350kg and operating on a maximum length of 3.5 meters per wing ( of a gate), the model 212k is sure to get the job done with great reliability. It only weighs 2.9 kg per arm, which is a feat of engineering as it is able to move objects more than 100 times heavier, without any hiccups in its daily operation. It comes in a sleek black metallic color, with a weatherproof finish to increase durability. It is designed to fit right at the back of your gate, to be mounted without having any parts protruding out of the gate that would pose a hazard, as well as an effort to preserve the gate’s aesthetics.

This model comes with an added safety feature, that comes in the form of the manual key release system. End users will be able to use a key to lock or unlock the gate as they desire, as an added layer of protection in preventing unauthorized operation of the gate or attempts to move the gate manually. The key comes with every purchase for the model 212k. Another layer of safety intended for the traffic passing through the gate comes in the form of electric sensors within the autogate, to stop operation if it comes across any obstruction in its way. This is to avoid any damage or injury, as well as reduce any possibility of the automated system of suffering severe damage. D’NOR line of products is oriented around people, where safety is never neglected and additional technology is integrated into its products ensure that the autogate system is more flexible in controlling traffic as well as avoid injuring anyone in the process. The model 212k also works well with extra accessories such as access digital keypad that can be added as an extra level of security should the users need it.

The D’NOR quality is fully reflected in its ability to operate silently. It comes with a 24-hour backup power in the form of a battery pack inside a weatherproof casing that comes with the autogate system, to ensure functionality during a power outage. It comes with two types of remote: 2 and 5 channels respectively. The 2 channel remote offers the basic function of operating the gate and can be programmed to close an individual wing of the gate or simultaneously, as well as adjusting the speed.

The 5 channel remote comes with a much more comprehensive list of functions which includes:

Panic Alarm
For emergency situations where you need to alert neighbors or family members
Intruder Alarm
To alert a possible intruder to the homeowners
System Lock
The system locks up to prevent any further attempts at breaking in, and can only be released by the owner. Instructions for unlocking the system will be given by our technicians.
Pillar Light
To work with the automatic gates, while opening as a way of giving more visibility for the homeowners at night time in order to avoid any potential collision or damage.
It can be easily programmed and comes with instructions to help guide setting the desired available functions. The remote’s range is in the above average range of your store-bought remotes, giving users a much better control from in the compound, as well as before entering the compound.

- Panic alarm 
- Intruder alarm
- System lock
- Pillar light 

5 channel remote : 
- on off pillar light 
- open left panel or press and hold open right panel
- trigger / stop panic alarm
- open close both panel 
- lock / release push button
2 channel remote :
- open left panel or press and hold open right panel 
- open right panel 

Package :

  • D'nor 212K Arm Motor x 2
  • Swing Arm Control Panel x 1
  • PVC Box x 1
  • 12-24V Transformer x 1
  • Mounting Arm Bracket x 1set
  • Release Key x 1set
  • Receiver Card x 1
  • 4 Channel Remote Control x 4 
    1 year warranty
for more information contact Ms Angel 012-6523900
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Autogate KL
1-11C, Jalan Desa 1/5, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



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