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Bismi Cergas Sdn Bhd
Bismi Cergas Sdn Bhd (322880-P)

Kedah Alor Setar

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Bismi Cergas Sdn Bhd - supplies live birds, fresh chicken and broiler, produce fresh and Halal chicken.

Bismi Cergas Sdn Bhd

Bismi Cergas Sdn Bhd

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 We are poultry broiler and chicken seller since 1989 in Kedah, Northern of Malaysia. Our main activities are rearing chicken,  selling livebirds and processed chicken via our main company Bismi Cergas Sdn Bhd and our subsidiaries ie Ayam Bismi Sdn Bhd and Edaran Bismi Sdn Bhd. Our  total annual sales are 56 millions which being derived from our 19 separately located chicken farm. Total production of chicken are 800,000 birds monthly which accumulated to 9.6 million birds annually.

We promise to produce fresh and Halal chicken without injection in their growth.   We promise safe and hygienic practice in our company from handling day old chick to slaughtering of chicken. We have our own chicken processing plant which is certified Halal by Jakim to slaughter our chicken and cut  it into pieces and size according to customer order.  We guarantee free delivery for qualified order. We also supply Halal imported beef. Bismi also supplying chicken fertilizer and goat.

Over the years, we have won a high reputation and famous in this field through our safety and fresh products  and reasonable price. We are also a broiler producer for Ayamas Contract Farming SB which is a sole supplier to KFC via their contract farming concept. We welcomes  you whether you are retailer or wholesaler.
Main Office

Bismi Cergas Sdn Bhd (322880-P)
11, Jalan Kangkong, Simpang Empat, 06650 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.



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