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Creso Industries and Supplies
Creso Industries and Supplies (0591609-P)

Creso Industries and Supplies - Main products, Grease and Lubricants - food grade and Non-food grade, normal,high temperature and anti-rust function, Greasing&Oiling equipments(lubricators),Centralised lubrication system, Machinery oil-hydraulic,compressor,gear.

Creso Industries and Supplies

Creso Industries and Supplies

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To all valuable customers,thanks for your  time & support in advance ,

welcome on-line  to view the following our  products & services which is able to cater your needs: -

1.  Greasing & Oiling equipments(lubricators),Centralised lubrication system
   –  food grade and Non-food grade; normal,high temperature and anti-rust function

2.  Industrial oil- hydraulic(machine & Transport),compressor(Screw& Piston),gear (EP max ability),chain

3.  Degreaser and Emulsifier  for boiler with stubborn acid & dirt
4.  Release Agent –No More Sticking!!
        A) FRP Composite –Polyester Vinyl ;
        B) Rubber Industry
        C) Plastic Industry
        D) Vaccum Foaming
        E) Papermaking
        F) Packaging Papers
        G) Food Processing (Baking,Roasting)

5.  Maintenance,Repair and Operations (MRO):
        A) Threadlocking,Threadsealing,Gasketing,Anti-seize
        B) Bonding for industries of electronics,ceramic etc

6.  Insulation products:
       A) Insulation Sponge/Foam-functional as sound,thermal and condensation
       B) Insulation Tape-functional as thermal,cool  and condensation

Creso Industries And Supplies
Your Reliable& Strategic Partner in cost-reducing& sound production &maintenance

Please contact our sales representative : Mr.Kelvin +0197342300

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Main Office

Creso Industries and Supplies (0591609-P)
5, Penaga 2, Kawasan Perindustrian Kota Puteri, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia.



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