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Supwave Automobile Car Care Centre


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Supwave Automobile Car Care Centre

(JM 0500126-A)
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Automatic Car Wash Machine(ZD-W300-5S) (04-Apr-2011) Previous Next

Automatic Car Wash Machine

Model : ZD-W300-5S

Luxury model. 5 brushes(foam), 2 blowers

ZD-W300 Series Car Wash Machine
The ZD-W300 series car wash machine is fully automatic system. The equipment are roll over gantry type systems, where the vehicle is driven in by the customer. The machine use experienced brush washing technology. The complete machine is built as modular structure and transported in partly - assembled form. The complete structure is galvanized and painted, to avoid corrosion in the harsh car wash conditions.

System Features
Cost-effective use from 300 washes/day.       
Multiple wash programs, contains all the necessary functions for a successful washing operation.       
Drying with an integral dryer or roof and side drying as preferred.       
Softfoam or nylon brush, washes genty without wearing.       
Frequency control at the travel and lift drives for a careful, smooth running and variable speeds.       
Precise control, contour-tracking washing and drying.
Optional 5 brushes, 3 brushes, drying blowers, under chassis wash systems, shampoo system, wax system and water recycling system.



View the video below for washing process:

Call for specification & order at 012-7182319 Eddy or send your enquiry to enquiry@supwavecar-wash.com.my

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Supwave Automobile Car Care Centre (JM 0500126-A)
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Century Garden,
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Johor, Malaysia.
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Automatic Car Wash Machine(ZD-W300-5S) - Car Wash Machine - Products - Johor, Johor Bahru (JB), Taman Century Garden